Volleyball History

Volleyball HistoryDid you ever hear of a sport named Mintonette? so many people will say no, however, if the question for you is “what is volleyball”? then I’m quite sure you and millions other people including children could give me the right answer. Not many people understand that Mintonette & Volleyball are actually the exact same thing. A couple of years after this game was invented by A Physycal Education Director of YMCA Massachusetts, William G Morgan, the name Mintonette is no longer used for this game and not a lot of people recognize this term ever since then.

William G Morgan’s name may not be as famous as Misty May Treanor or Karch Kiraly, yet anyone who knows about the volleyball history can never deny that he is definitely the most important figure in this amazing sport. William G Morgan was actually the man who designed volleyball when he worked at YMCA in Massachusetts in 1895. At the beginning he named the sport Mintonette, this name later replaced with volleyball just after it was being shown and someone said that the game was involving a lot of volleying the ball.

Morgan adopted several different components from other sports including Baseball, Handball, Tennis, Faustball, as well as Basketball to design this brand new game. Volleyball easily gained its popularity and so did William Morgan, the individual who invented it. When he worked at YMCA Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1896 as the Director of Physical Education, his classes were continually grew in numbers as a result of his popularity.

When volleyball growing in popularity several national and international organizations running this sport were started to appear, which made volleyball move far away out of its origin to many different countries. In the year 1964 volleyball finally being competed in the Olympic in Tokyo and this sport immediately becomes among the most gamed team sports on the planet next to Football and Basketball. Right now Volleyball is still a favorite game for millions of people around the world, and the customization of this sport that led to the invention of sand volleyball even make lots more people fall in love with this amazing sport.

Volleyball HistoryThere are actually a couple of different opinions concerning where and when the sand volleyball history begins. Many believe that beach volleyball was initially being played in Waikiki Beach – Hawaii around 1915, and others really assume that it was gamed the first time in France on some nudist beaches. However, most people believe that the history of beach volleyball started out in Santa Monica, California around 1920′s when lots of people play volleyball on the beach in their holiday break.

The 1950′s is perhaps the first crucial stage in the sand volleyball history because tournaments are began to held. Interestingly, at first this competition was just one of the numerous events being held all at once, they mixed it with a few entertainments like music and also a beauty contest. There after the spreading of this new exciting game was just unstoppable, the sponsors began to appear and this game started to go far beyond the borders.

Sand volleyball really received the world recognition when it was took part in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona as a demonstration game, and after that officially included in the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta. Currently beach volleyball continues to be played by hobbyists and also professional athletes from all over the world, and also a lot more international class competitions are being held. The introduction of beach volleyball also is a significant point in the history of volleyball game, and also it has shown to us that what was initially just a leisure game can become a competitive sport played in international class tournaments including the Olympics.

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